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18 Sep 2021


Michael Pinkus (The Grape Guy) is a multi-award-winning wine writer, national and international wine judge, educator, journalist, social-media content maker, host & co-creator of the podcast Two Guys Talking Wine – plus former President of the Wine Writers’ Circe of Canada (2010-2015) and former actor, with his own IMDB page (thought we’d just throw that in for good measure).

His heartfelt and insightful comments, along with his passionate reviews of the wines and the wineries that make them, have earned him praise throughout the Ontario industry and beyond.

For his writing he's been called "a very knowledgeable and honest taster and writer"; "a passionate wine man with a sense of humor"; and "a really good wine writer”.

On his YouTube Channel, he releases two video reviews weekly and is about to embark on his newest endeavour, a monthly whiskey / spirits review (wish him luck) – coming late 2021 or 2022.

Michael's video reviews have been called “infectious ", "endearing " and “full of passion". It has even been said, “why this guy has not been picked up for a show is beyond me.”

In his past life Michael was an on-air radio personality, actor and vocal performer (something he still dabbles in today through his company Custom Sound Impressions).

Through his writing, videos, podcast and everything else Michael does it is his desire to educate, inspire and encourage others to grow their own love, passion and enthusiasm for wine


Contact Michael directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also follow him:
Facebook: (Michael Pinkus and/or Michael Pinkus Wine Review)
Instagram (The Grape Guy)
YouTube: (Michael Pinkus)
Twitter: (The Grape Guy)
and thru his co-hosted podcast on SoundCloud: (Two Guys Talking Wine)




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