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07 Jul 2014

Every month, thousands of wine lovers across North America have relied on as their primary resource to learn more about Ontario wines and wineries.  As time wore on blogs like On the Road with the Grape Guy and What I’m Drinking Tonight (now Uncorked Tonight), greatly increased our International wine and winery reviews. 

The results, our demographic of global wine connoisseurs expanded exponentially.  By using a relaxed and easy-to-understand style, we give our readers the news about their favorite wine, wineries, events and products in an entertaining fashion, in turn this encourages them to spend more time on each page.

And now, OntarioWineReview has turned into MichaelPinkusWineReview to better reflect our ever expanding content, and many of our external, internationally focused, blogs have come to reside on the main site.

Today, our traffic consists of industry insiders, wine experts and the general public who are thirsty for the latest news and reviews. If your target is the Ontario wine lover, or even just wine lovers in general, then you’ve come to the right place.

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