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Night 2: All Canadian Wine Championships 2015

19 Sep 2015

(May 13, 2015) ... Tonight at the All Canadian Wine Championships was bring your bottles to the restaurant night and I pull out some old Ontario to see where they were. My first experimental wine was an hommage to our former judging region, Lake Erie North Shore ... D'Angelo 2002 Reserve Pinot Noir - what a nightmare of a wine. I remember talking to sal years ago when this wine was released and he said he had built it to age and win competitions, well it has done neither. And I don't care how much flak I get for saying this, the plastic cork has turned this wine and turned it into something hard to drink, dirty and harsh; there was not a dry eye in the house over this wine, especially who remember trying it in its youth.

Next, a bottle of base model Henry of Pelham 2007 Pinot Noir ... This was a real surprise and Eye-opener for those tasters not from Ontario and not exposed to Henry on a regular basis. Aromas proved inviting witb earthy, black cherry, cassis, and hints of pepper; the palate was a more settled down affair with sour cherry, slight cranberry, and white pepper ... Still really pleasant, its drink now cause I can't see this getting any better.

Other wines brought by other people ...

I believe the bottle of Quails' Gate 2013 Pinot Noir, Stewart Family Reserve was a left over from the morning tasting and it was a real gem. Lovely red fruits, hints of violets and white pepper, this is the kind of Pinot you could Lionel Richie - all night long.

My buddy Marty, who knows I'm a Zin-nut brought a bottle of St Francis 2007 'Old Vines' Zinfandel, it did not go with any of the mains this evening but it was still a lovely wine with plum, spice, black cherry, and peppery goodness - this one went fast, so I'm sad to say I only had the half glass.

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