From the Cellar

Tarapaca 2011 Gran Reserva, Etiqueta Negra (Chile)

17 Jun 2016

(November 1, 2015) ... This Cabernet Sauvignon started off very slowly for such a "young-ish" wine, the nose was quiet and the palate gave away very little ... but through the course of the evening it began to open, and when it did, wow: mocha, blackberry, mint, plenty of dark fruit ... the old saying "it's not the way you start but how you finish" really applies here as this Chilean beauty ended rich and flavourful. What's even better, at this time the Habs were flying high (hockey's Montreal Canadiens for those uninitiated) they beat the Winnipeg Jet 5 to 1; and that probably played a factor in how it tasted.

(Ed. Note: sadly the Habs season was to end in disaster, but at the time of writing the above how was I to know that)


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