From the Cellar

Another Brother Dinner (Australia / California / Spain)

18 Jun 2016

(November 7, 2015) ... I've said it a few times before, but I do love going to my brother's for dinner because he indulges my masochistic side ... I usually bring along about 5-6 bottles, knowing that only one will be any good, the others are a total crap-shoot ... this was one of those nights.

Tonight 6 bottles were in play but only three proved worthy of writing about, starting with this Pfeiffer 2003 Pinot Noir: the nose was very earthy and alcoholic while the palate also showed it's earthy side along with spiced-dried-cranberries ... drinkable but not terribly interesting.

Next up was a California wine called Big House 2006 The Slammer ... this one was a disappointment with its pruney, fig, and mature black currants on the nose; with some time open it developed a little complexity of sweet black licorice, but then an alcohol note got in the way. The palate showed hints of sweet/dried red fruit, and white pepper with a little pruney-ness on the finish ... I would rate it as 'just okay'.

The star of the night (and I knew it would be) was the Bodegas Volver 2011 Tarima Hill, gorgeous blackberry, plum, and sweet black cherry from first sip to last swallow, simply put it was a delicious delight and the perfect way to end what had been a fairly dismal wine-evening.

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