From the Cellar

Christmas 2015 (California / Australia / Argentina)

10 Aug 2016

(December 25, 2015) ... We're back in Ontario and it's Christmas Day, our annual dinner with my brother and his family ... we stop at home to drop off our luggage from our Michigna visit and I grab a few bottles that I set aside for this dinner.

My first is a real long shot, Ironstone 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon, that I found in the back of the cellar - obviously it was lost and after opening and tasting it I should have left it that way. This was just a nasty piece of business, totally oxidized and dried up, I am sure the plastic cork did nothing to help its aging process.

The next bottle fared much better, Nepenthe 2002 The Rogue, a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz (you kinda have to assume the Cabernet here is Sauvignon) - although older then the Californian wine this one is still pretty impressive: dried dark fruit, white pepper, raspberry, and strawberry, with balsamic notes and cedary-tannins ... With a little time it ends up being smooth and silky yet still with a dried character to the fruit, you can't fault the wine it's 13 years old and that's what happens with the older stuff, it's still delightful and very drinkable.

Couldn't continue with older wines, lightning doesn't always strike twice, so I chose a couple of more recent bottlings to be part of the evening. Kaiken 2012 Ultra Malbec, it's everything the doctor ordered in a Malbec and more: coffee, blackberry, cassis and a lovely bit of smokiness.

The next, and last wine, was the one I knew my brother would really like , and I was right:  Treana 2011 Red - the rich red fruit and ... well maybe it's best you just watch this:

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