From the Cellar

Perez Cruz 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Limited Edition (Chile)

23 Aug 2019

Perez Cruz 2015 LE Cab Sauv


(July 17, 2019) ... if I'm not mistaken a video review of this wine was released within the past year, so it feels kinda redundant  to make a "from the cellar" note, but this wine continues to impress. It has been At least two years since I tried the wine and it is evolving beautifully, adding layers and complexity as it goes. Lots of minty, cassis, spice and acidity; where this wine totally wins you over is on the long finish which replays the mint and peppery-spices over and over ... This wine paired perfect with tonight's dinner: a mid-rare steak with a coffee rub.


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