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Hartley Ostini 2009 Hometown Pinot Noir (California)

27 Aug 2019

HItching Post 2009 PN


(August 7, 2019) ... A ten year old Pinot from California that grew in fame because of the movie Sideways, where the Hitching Post was the restaurant of choice and Pinot Noir was front and center - believe it or not that movie is now 15 years old, and while the movie has aged well ( I still throw it into the blu-ray player every so often ) so has this wine (made from grapes harvested 5 years after the movie's release). Part of its longevity is due to the screwcap closure, which has allowed it to age slowly, it is still quite fruit forward but now a little licorice has appeared amongst the earthiness, there's also good spice and acidity to balance it all out.


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