From the Cellar

Duorum 2010 Douro (Portugal)

05 Nov 2020


Duorum 2010(June 21, 2020) ... I visited this winery a number of years ago, and was impressed with the quality of the wines (I also attended a dinner that highlighted the wines, back in 2010), and now this bottle materialized from my cellar and it was time to see if my impressive-take on their wines was misplaced or spot on.  

This was a gorgeous bottle right from the get go: anise, leather and dark fruit get the ball rolling, the tannins are punchy, but with good backing acidity. As it sits open and in the glass there's cassis and black pepper that shows up - a little longer and we have a change in the fruit from pseudo-fresh dark fruit to a more baked and stewed plum, but there is also a hint of dark-chocolate-covered coffee bean ... by the time the bottle is finished there's mocha and sour raspberry lingering on the back palate. I think I caught this wine before it fell off the cliff of "too old" because this Goldilocks bottle was 'just right'.


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