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Masi 2010 Serego Alighieri Possession Rosso (Italy)

28 Jan 2021


Masi 2010 Serego(August 9, 2020) ... These days as I sit around on a Sunday my first thought in the morning turns to the evening "what I'm going to open with dinner?" Will it be something fresh or will I dive deep into the cellar and try something older? Hey, don't judge, you probably do it too these days.

Tonight I went midway with a 2010 from Italy. This Masi starts earthy and leathery and just seems like it's going to be a tough mess, but it quickly moves into spiced-plum and even spiced-blackberry; then as if not wanting me to get too comfortable with where it's at it switches again, now we have spicy dark fruit, cedar and licorice. After about an hour in and it's super smooth and lush with coffee, licorice, and spiced-plum - what a dynamite wine that was layered right from the beginning.

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