From the Cellar

Sandhill 2014 Gamay Noir (British Columbia)

11 Feb 2021

Sandhill Gamay 1


(August 21, 2020) ... I was inspired to try this wine tonight because I saw a picture of Howard Soon, who used to be the winemaker at Sandhill and was at the time of this wine being made. As I started sipping my second glass I am feeling a little light-headed, so I turn the bottle around, at 14.5% alcohol this is quite a hot Gamay, but well-balanced as I did not detect the heat until my head started to feel funny. Lots of earthy notes and black cherry with white pepper and smoke. Opens up nicely and the tannins are quite prevalent the more it warms up. It's still quite lovely but look out for that alcohol - it's a game changer.


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