From the Cellar

Mitolo and Breca (Australia / Spain)

04 Jan 2022


(February 5, 2021) ... A double does of reds from fairly hot regions.

Mitolo JesterMitolo 2008 Jester Cabernet Sauvignon, McLaren Vale - This turns out to be a well-balanced bottle of entry-level Cabernet from Australia, I will admit it is under screwcap, so I rarely worry about these wines being oxidized or tainted in any way (I've had one that was off but it was a cap that was poorly "installed"). It starts off with notes of eucalyptus and dark fruit; with time it becomes spicy-cherry with some blackberry notes. As it stays open notes of sweet strawberry jam begin to emerge. Smooth and silky plus a little balsamic and just enough acidity to keep it from being too jammy and over-the-top. Pretty impressed with this wine.


BrecaBreca 2010 - This one takes a little longer to resolve itself: starts oaky and smoky with coffee bean notes and then there's a smoked-vanilla bean component that keeps showing up. There is also plenty of oak throughout with a long finish that really is just like drinking liquid cedar and oak ... but as it opens it gathers some momentum and more character and it ends up being a deep mocha flavoured wine. Look, this one is not horrible, because I kept going back to the glass for another taste - so it's got something going for it - it's just not my favourite on this night.



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