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Just because I started a website called doesn't mean it's All-Ontario-All-the-Time. When I kick back at night my mood (and sometimes my curiosity) decides my wine of choice. And the title should read, "Uncorked and Un-Screwed Tonight" ... but that just sounds wrong.

First Time in Saguenay (France / Australia)

27 Dec 2018


Hecht & Bannier Minervois(July 15, 2017) ... Andre Proulx and myself made a trip to the Saguenay Wine Festival to interview winemakers, agents and winery principals (podcast here) and on our off moments shared a few glasses of wine:

Hecht & Bannier 2007 Minervois - France ... A Syrah / Grenache blend that was right about at the cusp of falling off the cliff: dried blackberry, smoky, cedar yet with good acidity - it was where I thought it might be, don't hold any longer.

Houghton 2004Houghton 2004 Cabernet / Shiraz / Merlot - Australia ... Fun little start to this wine with a red pepper jelly nose, the palate is quite complex for it's age: hints of dried fig, pepper, cassis, cocoa and the acidity is still strong and jumps out if the glass. Not sure I'd hold any longer but it sure was fun to drink.

D'Arenberg 2002 Stump Jump - Australia ... This wine was corked - I have noticed recent bottlings are now under screwcap.


ACWC 2017 - Day 3 wines

15 Dec 2018



(June 8, 2017) ... I always take a number of bottles to the judging of the All Canadian Wine Championships, and usually stuff that is non-Canadian, just for a change of pace. Today's  offering were French and South African: 

St Gervais 2007 La Reserve du Crouzau - France ... Chocolate, blackberry, cassis, black cherry, still lively and full of flavour,

Good Hope Pinot NoirWinery or Good Hope 2009 Pinot Noir - South Africa ... I am sure people do not think of South Africa for Pinot, but I remember this one being really good in it's youth; it started off slow but then it really pops with acidity and fruit at its apex, about 30-60 minutes after opening.



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