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Just because I started a website called doesn't mean it's All-Ontario-All-the-Time. When I kick back at night my mood (and sometimes my curiosity) decides my wine of choice. And the title should read, "Uncorked and Un-Screwed Tonight" ... but that just sounds wrong.

La Posta Double Shot (Argentina)

01 Mar 2019


(August 5, 2018) ... Another one of these "Double Dose of" ... as I go through the wine cellar I notice i have either the same wine from different years or the same producer making different wines in the same year ... so here I go again with a comparison:

2008 Malbec, Pizzella Family Vineyard ... I had a friend that used to give wines the "mmm" or "Ick" review, there were certain wines he would throw a middling review he called "meh" - it was not great, it was not atrocious - this is one of those MEH wines: dried leaf and blueberry, with some smoky, mocha, and leather which ends on a sour-ish note. It's a tough wine to really get a handle on, it's far from good but it isn't horrible, after all this time in the cellar it's just "meh".

2008 Cocina Blend ... This wine shows the art of the blend, a Malbec 60% / Bonarda 20% / Syrah 20% - the Bonarda will add a fruitiness but I am not sure of the longevity it brings, while the Syrah and Malbec both have some age-ability to them, all in all this was a rather tasty wine with its notes of cherry, blueberry, sweet plum,  and creamy cocoa.

Winner, and quite easily, the Cocina Blend.


Double Dose of Echeverria Carmenere (Chile)

01 Mar 2019



(August 2, 2018) ... I have noticed I am not writing up all the wines that come out of the cellar, just those that make for an interesting write-up or still have an interesting story to tell, good or bad. Today it's a double dose of Carmenere from Echeverria in Chile, one from 2004 the other from 2005.

2005 ... wine is half way up the cork but comes out clean and easy, the wine smells leathery and coffee-like with a touch of fresh road tar; but while the palate seems to have similar notes, they are not offensive; in fact, the acidity is clean and fresh and the leathery-coffee- dried blueberry notes are rather pleasant in the mouth with a long finish that shows the wines age.  That said, this is a pretty impressive bottle for its age, and as the wine opens it settles down and develops more traditional forest floor nuances.

2004 ... the cork snaps in the middle so I have to create a hole in the middle to get the wine out and strain out the bits ... the wine taste much older and flatter than the 2005 (we opened the 2004 first); this wine tasted, for lack of a better term, old, but after tasting the 2005 it is like this wine has no life left in it at all ... it's a disappointing wine from beginning to end.

Winner by a mile: Echeverria 2005 Carmenere


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