Ontario Wines: The Wines to Get Now

29 Sep 2016


Cool breezes are the hallmark of the day as we coast into fall and harvest has begun in wine country - the 2016 vintage has all the marking of an epic vintage, but we won't see those wines until the middle of next year, and for the next few years to come; so for now we have to look at the past to see what we currently have as a selection in Ontario wines and I can tell you, while the future looks great, the past is no shrinking violet - as these 6 wonderful Ontario wines will attest to.

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Cooper’s Hawk 2013 Merlot Reserve ... (4 stars)

Featherstone 2014 Cabernet Franc ... (4 stars)

Lighthall 2011 Culmination ... (4+ stars)

Pillitteri 2012 Commendatore ... (4½ stars)

Ravine 2015 Cabernet Franc ... (4 stars)

Strewn 2012 Merlot ... (4 stars)


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Ontario Wines: The Wines to Get Now



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