Ontario Reviews: The Wines to Get Now (vol. 26)

21 Sep 2017


Wow ... who would have thought you'd have to wait till September to get a proper summer? And it's a good thing too, if you read my last newsletter you'll know that the winemakers in Niagara were crossing their collective fingers and toes for days like the ones we're getting now ... On the other hand, from the response I got, the Lake Erie North Shore had a virtual drought in their neck of the woods - so it has been one crazy summer. That all said it's time to look at some more crazy-good Ontario wines you've got to put your hands on.

Also in this e-blast be sure to check out the latest videos and podcasts - plus links to some reviews of older wines to see if they have stood the test of time.

Click on the wines below to see the full review:

Big Head 2014 Bigger Red Select ... (4 Stars)

Casa-Dea Estates 2013 Cabernet Franc Reserve ... (4 Stars)

Henry of Pelham 2016 Pinot Noir ... (4 Stars)

KEW Vineyards 2013 Blanc de Noirs ... (4 Stars)

Rockway Vineyards 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, Small Lot ... (4 Stars)

Rosewood 2014 Ambrosia Grand Reserve ... (4 Stars)


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Wines You Gotta Get: Ontario Edition

(volume 26)


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