Ontario Wines Reviewed : The Wines to Get Now (vol. 73)

08 Oct 2020


Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I have a few choices that could make your holiday a little brighter ... so let's get right to the wines and everything else in the blast this week.

There are the usual 6 wines I want to put onto your radar: a couple of Pinot Noirs, a Viognier, a Cabernet Franc, a Gamay and a red blend - all would be a good pairing for the holiday meal.

My International Selection is a red from France's Rhone Valley, currently available at the LCBO. Of course there are the videos: a pair of Ontario and International wines, plus the article links are all pretty self explanatory (I'm getting better at giving you hints and clues). The "Quote of the Week" is about the California wild fires.

My first articles for Distillery District Magazine about the current state of Ontario's harvest, is now available ... here it is

Be safe - stay healthy - drink well.


  Click on the wines name to see the full review:

De Simone 2018 Cabernet Franc ... (****)

Foreign Affair 2017 Dream ... (****)

Meldville 2018 Pinot Noir, 3rd Edition ... (****+)

Niagara College 2018 Gamay Noir, Balance ... (****)

Queenston Mile 2018 Viognier ... (****)

Rosehall Run 2018 Pinot Noir, JCR Rosehall Vineyard ... (****)


 Plus : Some International Flair ...

Chateau de Nages 2016 JT (Red) ... ****


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Ontario Reviews: The Wines to Get Now (vol. 73)



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