4th Annual Rose Report 2022

08 Jul 2022

Here is just one article from this year's Rosé Report ...

Rosé Report 2022

When I first started this endeavour I figured I’d get a few rosés, I would taste ‘em, rank ‘em and put a page together on my website;  and that is exactly what happened the first year.

In the second year, I had the brilliant idea to grow it into something more. Let’s face it, I needed something to do in the first year of a global pandemic, so I asked everyone I knew or had an email for, if they had a rosé they wanted to submit – I even said I would come to get ‘em (heck, I needed to get out of the house) – and again the wines come in, this time in bigger numbers.

Then a friend of mine in Italy saw it and said “Bigger” … and number three was born. And now I’ve gone and done it again. Welcome to the fourth annual Rosé Report.

I am always in for good rosé, but the question always remains: what makes a good rosé wine? That’s a tougher question because rosé means different things to different people.

So what do rosé wines mean to people? Over the years I think I have boiled it down to what it is and what it isn’t:

It's simple real, it's a good time. Rosé is not meant to be complicated. It's not a wine like Pinot Noir, although plenty of Pinot Noir is sacrifice to make rosé, but it's not a wine to sit and contemplate and admire. It's not like Bordeaux, a wine for the cellar, one to pull out on special occasions 10 years from now. It's not Brunello, Barolo or Amarone - those wines that will stand the test of time, and are created for "those dinners" we’ll never forget. And it's not Riesling, a wine that defines your love for the fermented grape (or is it just a passing fad).

Rosé is not a king-maker – nor does one winery stake it’s entire reputation on rosé alone. Rosé is not Chardonnay, it's not Sauvignon Blanc, it's certainly not white zinfandel- although it can contain these and many other grapes within.

Sure, rosé can be defined by what it is not, but it is also defined by what it is. It's a good time in a glass. It's the smile on one's face when you both see the bottle and the wine inside hitting the bottom of the glass. It's the sparkle of the sun off its top and through the glass. Rosé is that first sip of summer; it's the last gasp of fall. It's a reminder of great times, of gardens, patios, docks and decks.

One could be forgiven if they wonder if Rosé was made for summer or if summer was made for Rosé. Nothing says hot weather like Rose and nothing makes one happier than seeing a few dead rosé soldiers at the end of a Sunday afternoon. Rosé is all of these things and more.

In these pages I will reacquaint you to some old favorites and some new additions to your rosé repertoire. Some might leave you scratching your head other reaching for your wallet; but each and every one in these pages represents that burst of summer time enjoyment. Cheers!







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