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Ontario Reviews: The Wines to Get Now (vol. 20)

04 May 2017


It's not like me to court controversy, is it? In today's reviews there is what I believe to be the most expensive Ontario table wine (non-icewine) produced, and I ask the questions: 1) is it worth it & 2) is it worth it to you? Both questions deserve an answer, so feel free to visit me on Facebook to lay your thoughts down for all the cyber-world to see.

Also in this e-blast be sure to check out the latest videos and podcasts - plus links to some reviews of older wines to see if they have stood the test of time.

Click on the wines below to see the full review:

Creekside 2015 Riesling, Marianne Hill Vineyard ... (4 stars)

Featherstone 2016 Sauvignon Blanc ... (4 stars)

Henry of Pelham 2017-Tasting: Cuvee Catharine Brut ... (4+ stars)

iCellars 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon ... (4½ stars)

Trius 2015 Cabernet Franc ... (4 stars)

Two Sisters 2012 Stone Eagle ... (4½ stars)


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Ontario Wines: The Wines to Get Now

(volume 20)


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