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Ontario Wines Reviewed : The Wines You Need to Get (vol. 21-01)

25 Mar 2021


Happy 2021 ... yes I know we are already 3+ months in but this is my first e-blast of 2021, I have been re-assessing what needs to be in this e-blast to make the most of its existence in your life; plus a big thank you to all those who reached out saying you missed it.  So let's get right down to it.

The Wines: To kick off the "year" I have 6 wines that Ontario does best: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir (x2), Gamay Noir (x2) and Cabernet Franc.

The Other Goodies: Four videos and the six articles are linked at the bottom, plus a look back at some podcasts that were released while I was away - just in case you missed them.

Finally, I have launched a Patreon page in an attempt to keep my content free and mostly advertiser free - I will be adding new things as intensives to my supporters (mostly in the form of unique and exclusive content) so take a look and I really so appreciate any support you can give - you can find it by clicking here.

Be safe - stay healthy - drink well.


  Click on the wines name to see the full review:

Bachelder 2018 Pinot Noir - Lowrey 1984 Plantation Old Vines ... (****)

Closson Chase 2018 Pinot Noir Churchside ... (****+)

Domaine Queylus 2017 Chardonnay Signature ... (****+)

Fogolar Wines 2018 Cabernet Franc, Oppenlander Vineyard ... (****)

Henry of Pelham 2019 Gamay Estate ... (****+)

Malivoire 2018 Gamay, Courtney ... (****)


  Plus : Some an International Wine Selection ...

Tenuta Sette Ponti 2017 Crognolo ... (****+) - Tuscany, Italy


Highlighted Videos This Week ...

Ontario Wines ...
Westcott 2018 Chardonnay, Block 76
Niagara College 2017 President's Red

"International Wines" ...
San Pedro 2018 Sideral
Chombart & Speck 2018 Cave Mystere


      See the full newsletter with video, side bar links and more - click below:

Ontario Reviews: The Wines You Need to Get (vol. 21-01)



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