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Report from: 6 Barrels for 6 Chefs at Huff Estates, 8th Edition

19 Jul 2015

(July 10, 2015) ... I'll be honest with you, 6 for 6 is one of my favourite events of the year, and as you read on you'll see why ... I've attended seven of eight that have been held -  best part about missing that one was it rained cats and dogs that one time. Over the years (other than that one time) weather has ranged from gorgeous to excellent each year - there have been sweltering hot evenings and windy evenings, mosquito filled evenings and one's that went longer than expected, but thankfully it has always been clear of any foul weather.  This 8th edition was absolutely gorgeous: cool breeze, comfortable temps, it was I think the best weather ever for a 6 for 6 evening ... but enough about the weather - it's time to talk about 6 for 6 itself.

6 Barrels for 6 Chefs is Huff's annual charity event where they invite outstanding chef talent (6 in total) to cook "in their vineyard" and pair their dish with an unfinished wine (from barrel), hence 6 Barrels for 6 Chefs ... this year, for the first time, they really shook it up by inviting 6 wineries to participate - in the past it has been three wineries doing the heavy lifting: Huff Estates, Closson Chase and Norman Hardie - but this year they added Rosehall Run, Casa Dea and Lighthall to the mix ... still with a separation of 3 Chardonnays and 3 Pinot Noirs, it gave the evening an even great air of camaraderie and friendly competition about who was making better wine.

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including pictorial evidence of the wine, the food and the pairings


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