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Report from: Chianti Lovers Tasting

03 Mar 2016

(February 14, 2016) ... What a way to spend Valentine’s Day, tasting Chianti by the truck load … if my counting is right, or the numbering on the paper in front of me is right (meaning they didn’t skip any), then I have 183 Chianti wines to try – but I doubt that can be done in the few hours I have – so let’s take a look at a sampling.

This is the tasting of the Chianti’s that are part of the non-Classico areas: Chianti; Colli Arentini; Colli Fiorentini; Colli Senesi; Colline Pisane; Montalbano; Montespertoli and Rufina … all Chianti, all DOCG – just not Classico.

As mentioned, with about 183 wines to try and super slow service (at one point I got up to get my own bottles and was chastised for doing so … twice) … I only ended up trying 42 of the wines (over a 3 hour period) – definitely not my usual pace; but it was enough of a sampling to get a feel for each region and the wines / styles they are producing … plus I was even able to cobble together a top three.

All Chiantis were tasted blind - to see the list of wines and a look at dinner, click here.

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