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Report from: Romagna Tasting

08 Mar 2016

The Wines for Tasting(February 22, 2016) ... This is my second time in Romagna for their Anteprima … The region is known for the Albana grape (white) and Sangiovese (red) - and the first thing you quickly realize is this region has an inferiority complex about Tuscany (their more popular neighbour and brother in Sangiovese). The focus of the tasting was their “Riserva” wines – the one’s aged a minimum 24 months in barrel … these wines are young, raw, aggressive, tannic and acidic - but they are also very ageable. 

During our dinner with the producers they showcased wines from 2008 and 2009 that were quite brilliant and paired well with the exceptional cuisine of the area.  These wines are meant to be paired with food – not tasted clinically on their own – and need time (lots of time) to balance themselves out … it would behoove the Consorzio to look into tasting the more approachable (and sooner) Superiore (non-Reserve) wines they produce and then also show off some older vintages of Riserva in a showcase (like they did this year with some 2008 wines), but use potentially older wines (10+ years) for us to see how well they can age.

Albana was also on display, a white grape that needs help to be recognized – even if it is the only DOCG of the area … but it deserves the spotlight, even if it’s a little one, as these wines can be quite interesting and approachable.

So, without further preamble … check out the wines and pictures from the dinner and much more - click here



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