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Report from : Banfi Tasting 2019 in Toronto

29 May 2019

(May 2019) ... Banfi is a family owned Italian winery that own 850 hectares (within the next three years those holding will rise to above 900, but still below 1000, for now). I have been to a number of Banfi tastings over the years and I Banfi Gavihave learned something new each and every time … this time it was about their bottling: If you see the coat of arms (or crest) on the bottle itself it means that  wine is made from all estate fruit, but that only applies to wines that has the name “Castello Banfi” on the label as well.

But today was all about the wines, as we tasted through eight: 1 white and 7 reds – of which 7 wines were scored with General Manager, Enrico Viglierchio, to guide us through.

(you can see the full reviews by clicking on the links below)

The line-up of wines scored are:

Banfi Best 32018 Principessa Gavia … (*** ½)
2017 Centine … (****)
2015 Cum Laude … (****)
2016 Poggio alle Mura Rosso … (****+)
2013 Brunello di Montalcino … (***+)
2012 Brunello Riserva, Poggio alle Mura … (**** ½)
2012 Brunello Riserva, Poggio all’Oro … (****+)





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