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Vignobles De Larose Tasting

21 Apr 2020

(March 2020) ... Turns out Vignobles de Larose is the parent company of four estates: Chateau Larose Trintaudue, Chateau Larose Perganson, Chateau Arnauld and Chateau Tour de Pez … all located on the Left Bank of Bordeaux, Haut Medoc, and part of the Cru Bourgeois.

As a company they produce 1.3 million bottles per year, export 30% and have 255 hectares under vine. All the estates fall under the Cru Bourgeois classification (which unlike Grand Cru Classe is renewed every 5 years – the latest was done in early 2020). 249 estates were classified under the following 3 levels: Cru Bourgeois – Cru Superieur – Cru Exceptionnel

Chateau Larose Trintaudon (est. 1819) … Trintaudon

current level: Cru Bourgeois Superieur
output: 1 million bottles per year

Two wines tasted:

2009 – Tobacco, smoky, mineral and cigar box

2011 – Shows nice development of dark fruit along with smoky-black cherry, cassis with great acidity and tannins.  (***+)

PergansonChateau Larose Perganson (est. 1719) …

current level: Cru Bourgeois Superieur
output: 120,000 bottles per year
average vine age: 32-33 years

Two wines tasted:

2008 – Leathery, smoky with cooked fruit notes

2010 – Opened slowly but worth the wait; dark and red fruit emerge with mocha, blackberry, floral, leather backed by good acidity and the right amount of supporting tannins.  (****+)

Chateau Arnauld (est. 14th century) Chateau Arnauld

Estate purchased by Larose in 2007 and is their most southerly property

current ranking: Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel
output: 55,000 bottles per year
average vine age: 45 years

Two wines tasted:

2012 – Muted aromas with notes of cigar box, herbal and tobacco

2014 – First time Petit Verdot (10%) has appeared in this primarily Cabernet Sauvignon blend (63%) – all new French oak but this Bordeaux is aged in Burgundy barrels … blackberry, cassis, sour cherry, coffee bean and smoke; supple with good tannin structure and rich mouthfeel.  (****+)

Chateau Tour de Pez

Property most recently acquired by Larose

current ranking: Cru Bourgeois
output: 95,000 bottles per year

no wines tried from this estate


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