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Kingsman Port from Taylor Fladgate

13 Apr 2021

(February 2021) … The Kingsmen movie has been delayed and with it a special edition Port wine from Taylor Fladgate - the movie features the Port and since the movie is set in the 1920s Taylor felt it needed to reflect the time period in its tie-in beverage.Test Tube Wine

With more than 10,000 casks in their library it was not hard for Taylor to dig deep for what they were looking for. The average age of the Kingsman Edition Port is about 90 years ... The oldest casks they used were approximately 100 years old - using those for the richness they were looking for; the "youngest" casks held 70-year-old port wine - used to keep the "freshness and balance" (funny that 70-year-old port is considered "fresh", but when you are looking also at 100-year-old barrels and looking to produce an average age of 90 - 70 does seem fresh and new).

The release of the film is a moving target and trying to stay away from the juggernaut that will be the new 007 movie (set at time of tasting for spring 2021) - so Kingsman should hit some time in the fall (now December 2021). 1,000 bottles of this limited / special edition Port have been made for the worldwide market - approximately 100 will be directed to Canada, will retail for around $5,000 and come in special packaging - pictured below.

As for what a 90-year-old tawny port tastes like:

First, if you're looking for fruit, it's mostly non-existent, but there is plenty of fig, pecan pie and nutty character including hazelnuts and almonds. Palate is thick and rich with burnt caramel and even a hint of mocha latte notes. Interesting to also note is that the acidity is really tight and on-point.

More Port Reviews …

Taylor Fladgate 10-Year-Old Tawny
$35.95 - #121749
This thick and tasty popular port has the mouthfeel, taste and aroma of a 10-year-old port - which is to say the fruit is still alive and kicking with a mix of dried and fresh cherry, plus great backing acidity and a long sweet finish.  (****)

Taylor's 20-Year-Old Tawny
$69.95 - #149047
The 20-Year has consistently been my favorite of the Tawnies over the years, and once again it delivers: that dried cherry note comes roaring through and it's definitely less syrupy than the 10-Year; plus, those dried fruits turn a little towards the nutty (hazelnuts and almonds), there has even been some development towards fig and date notes for good measure. Acidity keeps this from going over the top sweet.  (****+)

Taylor's 2015 LBV (Late Bottled Vintage)
$18.90 - #46946
My first love in the Port world was late bottled vintage port and when made well they can also age a pretty long time. A good LBV has all the great lush fruit, some cool secondary characteristics and finishes with balancing acidity ... The 2015 delivers on the black cherry, cassis, blackberry and plum - it's a fresh, lively and dark fruited affair plus there are some smokey and licorice nuances all leading to a long finish that bursts the fruit bubble with a good acid punch.  (****+)

Croft 2017 Vintage Port
$128.00 - #12082
It always breaks my heart to open a Vintage Port before it's time - it feels like I'm committing infanticide ... This beauty Vintage is rough and rugged around the outside (read: tannins), but has a great fruit core that will have this delivering in 10 / 20 or even 30 years, depending on your patience level. Coffee, mocha and licorice start the palate and nose off before layering in blackberry, black plum, black cherry and even a touch of vanilla - it drinks well now but will really reward time on its side, as it definitely has time on its side.  (****+)


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