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L'Altra Toscana : Wines of Cortona DOC

29 Mar 2022

(March 2022) ... The first proof of this grape variety in our land to produce high quality wines dates back to the sixties of the last century, when some private wineries decided to plant it. Through experimental vineyards they decided to cultivate it, giving birth to the marriage between Syrah and Cortona. Syrah has become a symbol of this land: today the vineyards cover an area of about 1730 acres, with 500,000 bottles per year, and this wine represents 80% of the total production.  (19 wines tried - these are my top scoring wines, along with some brief notes)

Cantina Canaio 2019 Cortona DOC - Terrasolla (Syrah)  (*** ½)

Eredi Trevisan 2020 Cortona DOC - Solosyrah Rosso (Syrah)  (*** ½)

Dal Cero 2020 Cortona DOC - Klanis (Syrah)  (*** ½)

Ist A Vegni 2017 Cortona DOC - Sangiovese  (*** ½)

Fabrizio Dionisio 2019 Cortona DOC - Castagno (Syrah)  (*** ½)

La Braccesca 2020 Cortona DOC - Achelo (Syrah)
creamy mouthfeel, juicy blackberry, black cherry and a hint of wood smoke (*** ½+)

La Braccesca 2019 Cortona DOC - Bramasole (Syrah)
another creamy version, wood smoke and peppery with a blackberry jam finish (*** ½+)

Chiara Vinciarelli 2019 Cortona DOC - Polluce (Syrah)
blue and black berries with some wood smoke, good tannin bite and black pepper (*** ½+)

Eredi Trevisan 2019 Cortona DOC - Candito (Syrah)  (*** ½+)

Ist A Vegni 2018 Cortona DOC - Syrah
coffee bean and black cherry (*** ½+)

Poggio Sorbello 2018 Cortona DOC - Donetto (Merlot)
red raspberry, nice purity of fruit, jam character without being jammy - pure delight (****)


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