On the Road with the Grape Guy

On the Road with the Grape Guy is a on-going feature that follows me from event to event ... I post my thoughts, feelings and reviews of what happened and what I tasted ... basically it is here that I review the events I attend and the things that thrilled me.

Languedoc LUNDI 1ER MAI - 2023

01 Apr 2024

Lang 1 May 13a

These are my honest, no-nonsense thoughts about the wines I tasted from the Languedoc’s various sub-regions presented on that day.

First, I provide my take on the region, based on all the wines I tried ... then I score the wines I liked on a scale of Good, Better, Best (then I list them alphabetically).

Lang 1 May 4


Soft, relatively friendly wines that show dark fruit flavours and nice tannins/acid mix. Boutenac is not ready to take on the world, but it has potential to be an exciting second wine you pour at a dinner party.

Chateau De Caraguilhes 2021 Trou De L'Ermite ... Good
Château Grand Moulin 2018 Grès De Boutenac ... Good
Château Maylandie 2020 Villa Ferrae ... Good
Château Ollieux Romanis 2021 Atal Sia ... Good
Chateau Sainte Lucie D'aussou 2017 Canta Per Ieu ... Good
Chateau Sainte Lucie D'aussou 2019 Bella Dama ... Good
Domaine De Fontsainte 2020 Clos Du Centurion ... Better
Scav Terre D'expression 2019 L'improbable ... Better


Lang 1 May 1


A hard tasting and a hard region to taste, as lots of wines from here are very high in the acidity department (and I like acidity in my wines) - but acidity seems to be a hallmark (both in the rose and red); and tannins get in the way and hurt the tongue (red). The better wines tame the acidity and find a way to integrate, and/or tame, both the tannins and the acidity, allowing the wines to be more approachable.

Chateau Auzias 2018 Gloria Mundi ... Good
Château De Pennautier 2020 Château De Pennautier Terroirs D'altitude ... Better
Château Deumié 2020 Chateau Deumié ... Better
Chateau Du Donjon 2020 L'autre Château Du Donjon ... Good
Château Parazols-Bertrou 2020 Ni Ange Ni Démon ... Good
Château Parazols-Bertrou 2021 Tentation ... Good
Chateau Tour De Rissac 2021 Chateau Tour De Rissac ... Good
Domaine De Brau 2020 Château ... Better
Domaine De Brau 2020 Etymologie ... Good
Domaine De Cabrol 2018 La Dérive ... Better
Domaine Galy 2021 Pech Saint Jean ... Good
Le Clos Des Natices 2021 Le Clos Des Natices ... Better
Maison Lorgeril 2019 Le Montpeyre ... Better
Maison Ventenac 2019 Jules ... Good


Lang 1 May 3


Chateau De La Liquiere 2021 Cistus Blanc ... Good
Château Estanilles 2022 Sous Les Rocs ... Good
Les Crus Faugeres 2022 Le Parfum Du Mas Olivier ... Better


There is a lot of generic-sameness to these wines - but in these terms it is not a bad thing. Juicy on the palate wih a blend of red and black fruit; nice drinkability and easy going. These are wines to sit and enjoy on their own. In truth, there were very few wines I violently disliked - they were all good, drinkable and relatively enjoyable - Faugeres will make a lot of friends once the cork is pulled.

Abbaye Sylva Plana 2020 Le Songe De L'abbe ... Good
Abbaye Sylva Plana 2021 La Closeraie ... Good
Château Chênaie 2021 Conviction ... Good
Château Estanilles 2019 Clos Du Fou ... Better
Chateau Grezan 2021 Les Schistes Dorés ... Good
Domaine Benezech-Boudal / Peyregrandes 2021 Peyregrandes Prestige ... Good
Domaine Cottebrune 2019 Transhumance ... Good
Domaine Cottebrune 2020 Paroles De Berger ... Good
Domaine De Cébène 2021 Les Bancèls ... Good
Domaine De L'arbussele 2019 Révélation ... Good
Domaine Prés Lasses 2017 Castel Viel ... Better
Domaine Saint Antonin 2021 Cazalet ... Good
Domaine Saint Antonin 2021 Magnoux ... Good
Hecht & Bannier 2017 Faugères ... Better
Mas Des Capitelles 2019 Crescendo ... Good
Mas Lou 2019 Tio ... Good


Lang 1 May 2


Fitou hits on some soft fruit notes and balances it with acidity and tannins - all at a very gentle level.

Champ Des Soeurs 2019 Bel Amant ... Good
Château De Montmal 2021 Château De Montmal ... Good
Chateau De Nouvelles 2019 Gabrielle ... Better
Chateau De Nouvelles 2019 Vieilles Vignes ... Better
Domaine Bertrand-Berge 2020 La Bouliere ... Better
Domaine Du Vent 2021 Autan En Emporte ... Better
Domaine Jones 2021 Fitou Vieilles Vignes ... Better
Domaine Lérys 2021 Respélida ... Good
Domaine Sarrat D'en Sol 2018 Arménie ... Good
Les Grands Chais De France 2020 Vignes Centenaires ... Good
Mas Des Caprices 2021 Ze Fitou ... Good
Sarrat D'en Sol 2020 Sarrat D'en Sol ... Good
Sas Jeff Carrel 2021 La Tire ... Good
Sca Mont Tauch 2020 Chateau De Montmal ... Good
Sca Mont Tauch 2020 Hommage ... Better


Lang 1 May 5


Quite possibly one of the most palate friendly region tasted. Lovely fruit, tannins at a minimum, flavourful wines that do not tax the palate. This was a good flight full of easy to recommend wines.

Castelbarry 2020 Seul L'avenir M'interesse ... Good
Chateau De Jonquieres 2021 La Baronnie ... Good
Domaine De L'argenteille 2019 Les Secrets Du Rocher ... Better
Domaine De L'argenteille 2020 Tramontane ... Good
Domaine Du Pas De L'escalette 2021 Les Clapas ... Good
Domaine Mas Conscience 2020 La Conscience ... Good
Domaine Mas Conscience 2020 L'eveil ... Good
Domaine Mas Laval 2020 La Grande Cuvee ... Good
Domaine Nova Solis 2020 Zenith ... Good
Gerard Bertrand 2020 Château La Sauvageonne Grand Vin Rouge ... Better
Joseph Castan 2020 Alchimy ... Good
La Jasse Castel 2021 Bleu Velours ... Good
La Jasse Castel 2021 La Jasse ... Good
La Reserve D'o 2019 La Côte D'arboras ... Good
La Reserve D'o 2020 Hissez O ... Good
La Reserve D'o 2020 La Réserve D'o ... Good
Le Clos Rouge 2019 Maro ... Good
Le Clos Rouge 2020 Babel ... Good
Le Clos Rouge 2021 Alerte Rouge ... Better
Les Vignes Oubliees 2021 Terrasses Du Larzac ... Better
Mas De L'erme 2019 L'evidence ... Good
Mas De L'erme 2020 Les Petits Princes ... Better
Mas Des Chimères 2020 Nuit Grave ... Good
Mas Haut Buis 2021 Costa Caoude ... Good
Mas Lasta 2019 Terrasses Du Larzac ... Good
Scea Clos Aguilem 2021 Kiara ... Good
Terre Des 2 Sources 2020 Accords ... Good


Languedoc DIMANCHE 30 AVRIL – 2023

27 Mar 2024

Lang 30p

(April 2023) ... These are my honest, no-nonsense thoughts about the wines I tasted from the Languedoc’s various sub-regions presented on that day.

First, there is my take on the region, based on all the wines I tried … then the wines I liked are scored based on a Good, Better, Best approach (all lists are alphabetized).

Lang 30c


I'd classify these as “white wines” nothing to get jazzed about.

Chateau De Caraguilhes 2022 La Font Blanche ... Good
Domaine La Bouysse 2022 Cyprius ... Better
Famille D'exéa 2022 Blason De Sérame Blanc ... Good
Scea Chateau Montfin 2022 Sur Pilotis ... Good


It's a big area with an identity crisis, and there is not one style that dominates.
I tasted all 73 wines and there was as much good stuff as there was generic.
Ask me what makes a Corbieres wine and I'd be hard pressed to tell you.

Castelmaure 2021 Les Hauts ... Better
Cellier Des Demoiselles 2022 Rouge Demoiselles ... Good
Chateau Auris 2020 Chateau Auris ... Better
Château Etang Des Colombes 2020 Bois Des Dames ... Good
Château Fabre Cordon 2021 Qui M'aime Me Suive ... Good
Château La Baronne 2017 Alaric ... Good
Château La Baronne 2020 Les Chemins ... Better
Chateau Mansenoble 2019 Reserve ... Good
Chateau Mansenoble 2020 Montagne D'alaric ... Good
Château Peyrepertuse 2019 1240 ... Good
Chateau Sainte Lucie D'aussou 2020 Patz E Amor ... Good
Domaine De Fontenelles 2021 Elysée ... Good
Domaine Des 2 Anes 2021 Fontanilles ... Better
Domaine Fairjal 2022 Fairjal ... Better
Famille D'exéa 2022 Blason De Sérame Rouge ... Better
Famille Fabre 2020 Chateau De Luc Veredus ... Better
Famille Fabre 2020 Lux De Luc ... Good
Les Vignobles Foncalieu 2019 Chateau Haut Gleon ... Good
Sainte Marie Des Crozes 2020 Hector Et Juliette ... Better
Scav Les Terroirs Du Vertige 2019 Corvaria ... Good
Scav Les Terroirs Du Vertige 2019 Roc De Bonelli ... Good
Scav Terre D'expression 2021 Delicatesse ... Better
Scav Terre D'expression 2021 Fortes Tetes ... Good
Scea Ch Vaugelas 2020 V ... Good
Scea Château De Mattes 2020 Sabran ... Better
Scea Chateau Vaugelas 2021 Prieure ... Good


Lang 30b

LA CLAPE – White

This region had a 60% ratio of good to blah.

Château D'anglès 2022 Classique Blanc ... Good
Château De Marmorières 2021 Marquis De Raymond ... Good
Chateau Pech Redon 2022 Epervier ... Good
Chateau Rouquette Sur Mer 2022 Cuvée Arpège ... Good
Commanderie Saint Pierre La Garrigue 2020 Commanderie Saint Pierre La Garrigue ... Better
La Vendémiaire 2021 Les Arbres Blancs ... Better


There's an herbal freshness to some of the better versions that help the fruit shine through.

Chateau Capitoul 2019 Oros Cayenne ... Better
Château De Marmorières 2020 Marquis De Raymond ... Best
Chateau Laquirou 2020 Ausines ... Better
Château Moyau 2018 Terre De Pierres ... Better
Château Ricardelle 2020 Vendredi XIII ... Good
Combe Des Ducs 2021 Pierres De Mer ... Better
Domaine Sarrat De Goundy 2021 Le Planteur ... Better
Gérard Bertrand 2020 Grand Vin Rouge ... Better
Scea Chateau De Figuières 2017 Impetus Rouge ... Better


Lang 30z


The best of these are light, fruity and exotic - there's a subtle elegance to them
Lovely fruit - subtle spice - exotic finishes. Fun wines.

Chateau De Gourgazaud 2019 Cuvée Mélanie ... Better
Chateau De Gourgazaud 2021 Pater Familias ... Better
Château Guéry 2020 Magnifique ... Better
Château Maris 2020 Les Planels ... Better
Chateau Sainte Eulalie 2021 Bellezour Anima ... Good
Clos Des Roques 2020 Clos Des Roques ... Good
Domaine Combe Blanche 2019 La Galine ... Better
Domaine Combe Blanche 2020 La Chandelière ... Good
Domaine De La Senche 2020 Cuvee Somi ... Better
Domaine De L'oustal Blanc 2019 Prima Donna ... Good
Domaine La Rouviole 2021 Caïssa ... Good
Domaine La Siraniere 2017 Excelsus ... Better
Domaine La Siraniere 2020 Les Capitelles ... Good
Domaine Les Combes Cachées 2019 Soleil Rouge ... Good
Domaine Tour Trencavel 2019 Domaine Tour Trencavel ... Better
Scea Chateau La Croix Martelle 2020 Terrasses De Sirus ... Good


Lang 30a


There is a a reason these babies love oysters - it's a perfect pairing
The best rival Sauvignon Blanc, while others show off other citrus and mineral flavours.

Cave Coopérative - Les Costières De Pomerols 2022 Picpoul De Pinet Beauvignac ... Good
Chateau Saint-Martin-De-La-Garrigue 2022 Picpoul ... Better
Domaine De Petit Roubié 2022 Picpoul De Pinet Château ... Better
Domaine Félines Jourdan 2022 Aop Picpoul De Pinet ... Good
Flores - Les Vigneorns De Florensac 2021 Picpoul Selection ... Good
Hecht & Bannier 2022 Picpoul De Pinet ... Better
La Croix Gratiot 2022 Syndical ... Good
Les Vignerons Montagnac Domitienne 2021 Haerentia ... Good
Les Vignerons Montagnac Domitienne 2022 M Comme Montagnac ... Better


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