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On the Road with the Grape Guy is a on-going feature that follows me from event to event ... I post my thoughts, feelings and reviews of what happened and what I tasted ... basically it is here that I review the events I attend and the things that thrilled me.

Trasimeno : A Tasting in Two Parts

07 Feb 2023


Everyone is fond of the term “Masterclass” these days, the name holds a certain amount of charm; today we had two centered around the Trasimeno Gamay grape (to learn more about this variety see here). The first masterclass focused on the many faces of Rosé in the region, the second highlighted the red wines made from this confusing and slightly misunderstood grape.

Gamay (Rosé) - mainly

2020 Pucciarella Rosè Trasimeno Spumante Metodo Classico - Rosè DOC Sparkling Gamay
(Pinot Nero)    
Classic Method made from Pinot Noir with 12 months on lees, delicate bubble with nice acidity: light lemon, lime and super freshness - could drink this all day … (Good +)

2021 Rosè di Boldrino - Umbria Rosato IGT
(Trasimeno Gamay & Sangiovese)    
This Sangiovese blend comes across light with raspberry and nectarine with notes of cantaloup and honeydew – and easy drinking rosé … (Good +)

Pouring Rose2021 Le Cupe - Umbria Rosato IGT    
(Trasimeno Gamay)    
Plenty of red fruits with raspberry and strawberry dominating plus there’s a touch of citrus on the finish … (Good +)

2021 Martavello - Umbria Rosato IGT
(Trasimeno Gamay)    
Bubble gum nose with notes of blood orange, nectarine and other fruits - there is also a touch of red fruit sweetness on the finish … (Good +)

2021 La Bisbetica Rosato - Umbria rosato IGT   Rose Glasses  
(Trasimeno Gamay)    
Big acid hit: nectarine and lemon; chuggable on a slow Sunday afternoon … (Better)

2021 Es...senza - Umbria Rosato IGT
(Sangiovese & Pinot Noir)    
Red fruited in flavour and dark in colour, but the taste is light but with a bitterish finish that evokes sour cherries … (Good)

2020 Rosè di Boldrino - Umbria Rosato IGT    
(Trasimeno Gamay & Sangiovese)    
A nice red fruited number, but not as fresh and enjoyable as the 2021 – see above … (Good)

Trasimeno Gamay (Rosso / Red)

2020 CANTINA NOFRINI Rosso Principe - Trasimeno Gamay DOC
(Trasimeno Gamay)    
There's a nice fruit component to this wine on the palate, but the nose might be a bit of a detractor … (Good)

2019 IL POGGIO Legamè - Trasimeno Gamay DOC
(Trasimeno Gamay)
Fruit forward that is very dark in nature, silky on the palate; smooth and lovely … (Better)

2018 COLDIBETTO E-trusco - Trasimeno Gamay DOC    
(Trasimeno Gamay)    
Dark and red cherry fruit with licorice and subtle spice - very pretty, very smooth … (Good+)

2019 LA QUERCIOLANA Camporso - Trasimeno Gamay Riserva DOC
(Trasimeno Gamay)    
Raspberry, cherry, blackberry and tobacco with a nice spicy finish ... (Good+)

2020 PUCCIARELLA Trasimeno Gamay Pucciarella - Trasimeno Gamay DOC
(Trasimeno Gamay)    
Red licorice, subtle spice, mocha-tobacco, plus a blackberry-mocha finish - this is a lot of fun ... (Good+)

2018 DUCA DELLA CORGNA Poggio Petroso - Trasimeno Gamay Riserva DOC
(Trasimeno Gamay)
Light, if not a little oxidized, but still shows a notes of fruit and herbal character - there are also a few under-ripe characters here. It's not off-putting, but it does detract a little from the overall impact of the wine ... (Good)


Tasting Wines from Different Vineyards (Loire Valley)

30 Jan 2023

(April 29, 2022) … A three in one thematic where Chenin Blanc takes center stage and Sauvignon Blanc takes a back seat – but in truth after tasting I noticed that it should have been the other way around …

All wines below are 100% Chenin Blanc                            
(due to the amount of wines at this tasting I used my Good / Good+ scoring system – that way I could get through more of the wines)

Cosme Thierry 2017 Cuvée Prestige Brut - Fines Bulles Bruts Blanc    ... Good
Gaudron Christophe 2016 Brut - Fines Bulles Millésimées Blanc ... Good
Earl Domaine Nicolas Brunet 2018 Méthode Traditionnelle Brut - Fines Bulles Millésimées Blanc ... Good
Brisebarre Philippe 2020 Vignoble Brisebarre Sec - Blanc ... Good
Vigneau Christophe Et Stéphane 2020 Sec Silex Sec - Blanc ... Good
Domaine Du Viking 2017 Cuvée Sec - Blanc ... Good
Maison Darragon 2020 Haut Des Ruettes Demi Sec - Blanc ... Good
Domaine Huet 2020 Le Haut Lieu Demi Sec Demi Sec - Blanc ... Good
Domaine D'orfeuilles 2009 Réserve D'automne Moelleux - Blanc ... Good

all wines below are 100% Chenin Blanc                        
(due to the amount of wines at this tasting I used my Good / Good+ scoring system – that way I could get through more of the wines)
Chateau Soucherie 2019 Clos Des Perrières ... Good
La Croix PicotChâteau D'epiré 2019 La Croix Picot ... Good+
Domaine Du Closel 2019 Clos Du Papillon ... Good
Domaine Taillandier Marc 2020 Domaine Taillandier Marc ... Good
Domaine Des Baumard 2018 Clos Du Papillon ... Good
Terra Vita Vinum 2018 Bigottière ... Good
Patrick Baudouin 2019 Bellevue ... Good
Raymond Morin 2019 Chateau De Varennes ... Good
Domaine Thibaud Boudignon 2020 La Vigne Cendree ... Good
Domaine Des Forges 2020 Savennieres Clos Du Papillon ... Good+ Pappillon
Château De Plaisance 2020 Savennieres ... Good




The Sauvignon Grape: Under the PGI Val de Loire
all wines below are 100% Sauvignon Blanc, unless otherwise stated        
(due to the amount of wines at this tasting I used my Good / Good+ scoring system – that way I could get through more of the wines)
PotardiereDomaine De La Potardiere 2021 Sauvignon – Blanc ... Good+
Domaine Delaunay 2021 Sauvignon - Blanc ... Good
Le Moulin De La Touche 2021 Sauvignon Gris - Blanc ... Good
Vignoble Cogné 2021 Sauvignon Blanc - Blanc ... Good
Château D'avrillé 2021 Sauvignon - Blanc ... Good
Famille Bougrier 2021 Famille Bourgier Collection - Blanc ... Good+
Joël Delaunay 2021 Le Grand Ballon - Blanc ... Good



Les Crus De L'Anjou Blanc   Guy with the stones                         

An interesting look at the vineyards, and soils – complete with geologist explanation. And a tasting at Le Chateau Fort … plus a washroom with the best view I have ever seen (seriously)

Domaine Du Petit Clocher 2019 Les Audacieuses - Blanc
16 month in barrels - Lemon zest and beeswax.  (*** ½)

Domaine De La Clartière 2020 Terres De Paillé - Blanc
Decent minerality with lemon zest and nice acidity.  (*** ½+)

Château De Suronde 2018 Grand Vin De Suronde - Blanc
Fresh mineral with lemon and other citrus notes.  (*** ½)

Saint Lambert Dont Bonnes Blanches    
Domaine Ogereau 2020 Bonnes Blanches Sec - Blanc
Gentle minerality, stony-freshness, good lemon and good acidity.  (*** ½+)

Secteur Ardenay                    
Domaine Patrick Baudouin 2018 Le Cornillard - Blanc
Sweet nose, but everything else is a delight: complex enough to make you take sip after sip and nod you head with pleasure.  (*** ½+)

Faye d'Anjou                    
Château Du Fresne 2020 Chevalier Le Bascle - BlancBathroom Break
Easy drinking with enough acidity to keep its freshness.  (*** ½+)

Bonnezeaux - Burnizellius                    
Domaine Des Fontaines 2020 Cuvée Landry - Blanc
lively and fresh – great afternoon sip.  (*** ½+)

Chateau De Fesles 2018 La Chapelle - Blanc
Beeswax and lemon notes take center stage.  (*** ½)

Saint Aubin de Luigné                    
Domaine Des Forges 2020 L'Audace - Blanc
Dry, mineral driven, totally fresh and lively.  (*** ½+)

Pierre Bise                    
Le Clos Galerne 2018 Moulin Brûlé 2018 Blanc
Nice richness, thick mouthfeel but it finishes on the gentle side.  (*** ½+)

Aubance                     Castle
Domaine De Haute Perche 2020 Le Clos Des Constant - Blanc
There’s a richness of beeswax, lanolin and apple, mid-palate to finish.  (*** ½)

Martigné Briand                    
Sagesse Des Sols 2020 Toucher Terre - Blanc
Lemon, mineral and apple.  (*** ½)

TruffiereLa Tuffière                    
Domaine De La Tuffière 2019 Ledit Vin Chenin - Blanc
Peachy on the palate and punchy with acidity.  (****)

Autres secteurs                    
Domaine De Huillé 2018 Blanc
Peach, nectarine and pear – pure yum.  (****)



Cabernet Franc Dinner

The farewell dinner was a treasure trove of delicious Cabernet Francs; both as part of a pre-dinner walk around tasting, and then paired with the meal. Once again, my Good / Good+ rating was employed.        

Mont des OlivierDomaine Olivier 2020 Mont Des Olivier - Rouge ... Good+
Manoir De La Tête Rouge 2018 Enchantoir - Rouge ... Good
Domaine Des Sanzay 2020 Les Poyeux - Rouge ... Good
Domaine Des Chapelles 2020 Louis - Rouge ... Good
Domaine Du Mortier 2020 Les Graviers - Rouge ... Good


Beatrice Et Pascal Lambert 2018 Chêne Vert - Rouge ... Good+ Chene Vert
Domaine Des Ouches 2019 Coteaux Des Ouches - Rouge ... Good
La Folie Luce 2020 Encore - Rouge ... Good
Domaine Des Rochelles 2019 Breton - Rouge ... Good
Domaine Wilfrid Rousse 2018 Clos De La Roche - Rouge ... Good




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