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Foreign Affair 2011 The Conspiracy
'The Conspiracy' here is the method the wine is made in ... Cabernet Sauvignon conspires with dried grapes in the Italian ripasso method to create a wine of richer, fuller flavour ... and in a mediocre vintage like 2011 it makes some sense. There's lots of cherry, plum and white pepper on the nose that'll grab and lure you in. Palate is juicy with cherry and strawberry, pepper certainly appears and all is balanced by good acidity. The finish starts off smoky then turns sweet fruited seasoned with white pepper. This continues to be one of my favourite (and most affordable) wines from the Foreign Affair. Price: $19.95 - Rating: ****+
Cabernet Sauvignon
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery and at Vintages June 8, 2013

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