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Coyote's Run 2010 Black Paw Cabernet Franc
It's been a staple at Coyote's Run to do it with Pinot Noir and a few times with Cabernet Franc ... and in 2010 it was once again time for Cab Franc to shine in the Red and Black soil spotlight. The difference is delicate versus heft. Red Paw has a very pretty nose loaded with cherry, spice, graphite and smoke ... Black Paw is earth laden with cigar box notes. Palate wise Red Paw is soft and supple but with loads of acidity: sour cherry, hints of smokiness and fresh acidity. Black Paw doles out Franc's robust nature: dark berries, black raspberry and cherry with a smoky, earthy quality that leads to a graphite and dark fruit finish. It really depends on how you like your Franc, but my take is this: Price $21.95 - Black Paw: ****+
Cabernet Franc
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery

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