Ontario Reviews

Rosewood Estates 2010 Merlot
You would think that cool climate Ontario would take to Merlot a lot better than it does. Ontario Merlot seems to be a little rough around the edges in its youth, and sometimes its youth last a long time. I have tried some Merlots that didn't come around for 5 years - and that's a lifetime to some wine drinkers who like to pop the cork as soon as they get the bottle home. Which is why this one is going to be a boon for Rosewood and their fans: this is a juicy Merlot right from the get-go. Red fruit is front and centre with enough spice and linger on the tongue to keep you wanting more ... your first glass will lead to a second, and probably the thought that you should have bought more bottles - so let this be your fair warning - buy more and save the hassle of wishing you had when you open it later. Price: $22.00 - Rating: ****+
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery

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