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Norman Hardie 2007 Riesling
Back in 2005, Norm made one of the most spectacular Rieslings. It turned out that Norm had made some great contacts with growers on the Beamsville Bench and when he started his own winery, he made a point of using Beamsville fruit, which he described as the best for making Riesling. In 2006, magic didn’t strike twice, as Norm’s Riesling never saw the light of day, too many factors ended up spoiling the broth, so to speak. I would say with his 2007 edition, Norm is back with a vengence and what he describes as “my house style of Riesling, very Germanic”. This Riesling is fermented near dry and rests 9-months on its lees so that it develops depth of character; and what character it does have. For a young Riesling, it is loaded with petrol or diesel notes on the nose, with peach and apple as the backing fruit, and tons and tons of mineral. In the mouth, there’s lime and peach along a big minerality and those petrol notes. To put it into a simple sentence, this one is crisp, clean with good acidity and a long, long, long apple finish. Welcome back Norman. Price: $21.00 - Rating: ****
Prince Edward County
at the winery

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