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Alvento 2007 Aria (Nebbiolo)
You hear rumours that Nebbiolo (a hard to grow Italian grape variety used to make Barolo) is being made in Ontario and you all at once cringe and are intrigued. The folks at Alvento bring with them Italian know-how, experience and familiarity with the grape, so you do hope they know what they are doing. There's lots of pepper and spice with high acidity in this wine - backed by a delicacy of fruit, more sour than fresh with a lovely strawberry seam. The nose is strawberry and spice with a background of cocoa-nibs ... the taste follows suit with a great acid bite and a sour fruit filled middle and did I mention the great lingering finish. The real question here is what do you compare an Ontario Nebbiolo to? This one might be a benchmark for the variety here in Ontario if we continue to grow and make it. ... Price: $34.95 - Rating: **** 1/2
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