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Burning Kiln 2010 Riesling
With a name like Burning Kiln you just know there are going to be questions, so let's make the answers short and sweet. Burning Kiln is located on the north shore of Lake Erie around Turkey Point / Port Dover. They along with 7 other wineries and 7 growers are billing themselves as Ontario's South Coast, these wineries stretch from Port Stanley to near Hamilton ( The Burning Kiln part comes from the way some of the wines are made, using the drying method made famous now by Andrzej Lipinski - and surprise, surprise Andrzej is making their wines. But not all using the dried-in-kiln method. This Riesling for instance is all fresh fruit. It's a two on the sweetness scale (that bit of sweetness is a hallmark of A.L.'s Rieslings) but with all that lovely fruit and nice acidity it sure doesn't come off as too sweet. Pear, lemon and exotic fruit play off the tongue and the nose with a lovely limeade linger to the finish. Price: $19.95 - Rating: *** 1/2
South Coast
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