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Between the Lines 2009 Cabernet Franc Reserve
A few moons ago I gave the Between the Lines 09 Cabernet Franc four-and-a-half stars based on flavour and maybe a little on price too, so call it a half star for price. Now a few months later we see that the boys of Between the Lines have cobbled together a Reserve of that wine that spent 1.5 years in oak, primarily 2nd fill French (85%), along with a little American. I think, even above $20, the wine still shows excellent value and here's why: The nose is smoky with tobacco notes and hints of vanilla ... yes there is no fruit up-front, that's because it is still quite young and I would expect the fruit to start to emerge within the next year or so. The taste is where the fruit starts to show itself as raspberry and cherry emerge along with pipe tobacco and spice. There's good acidity in the glass and a nice sour cherry/tobacco finish with just the right amount of tannins. Hold for another year before pouring into a nice big glass and enjoying; or pair around the BBQ this summer or for the next 5. Price: $24.95 - Rating: ****+
Cabernet Franc
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery

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