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Lailey 2008 Canadian Oak Chardonnay
Winemaker Derek Barnett has been using Canadian oak since his days at Southbrook, which makes him one of the most experienced winemakers currently using Canadian oak - he knows its intricacies and knows how to use it well, and it shows. This Chardonnay has got so much going for it on both the nose and palate. First, the nose, caramel, toffee, butter, delicate white fruits, peaches and pears. The palate has nice follow through (look up at the nose) with a medium length finish that's both creamy smooth and has good acidity. The wine aged in refurbished Canadian oak barrels for 10-and-a-half months and has a nice mix of 60% old vines (planted in 1973) and young vines (~10 years old). Nice blend, nice ageing, nice experience with the raw materials all equals a really nice wine. Price: $25.00 - Raitng ****1/2
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery

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