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Huff Estates 2007 Rosé
Last year, Huff, and winemaker Frederic Picard, wowed me with this wine with its Sauvignon Blanc-like notes on both the nose and palate. Back then I was surprised to find out it was of Cabernet Franc and Sauv composition (authentic rosé) and not of a white and red make-up (thus a blush). This year it’s the same grapes that bring even more Sauvignon Blanc intensity: citrus and grapefruit cocktail lead the way in the great aromatic department. On the palate there’s a grassiness, with big grapefruit and some sour cherry-cranberry tang that finds its way across the tongue. But then that big acidic bite washes that clean away and you’re ready for yet another mouthwatering sip. Wow! This wine just got better – never thought they could replicate it after I was seduced by last year’s version, but Huff has done it again … even better. Price: $14.95
Lake Erie North Shore
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