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Hillebrand / Trius 2013 Chardonnay, Showcase Wild Ferment - Oliveira Vineyards

By now you know me, a self-proclaimed ABC (Anything But Chardonnay-er), but many have pointed out recently that I am drinking more of the stuff – Ontario is slowly changing my opinion on the grape and with this Trius version it’ll be hard for me to keep my ABC card intact. This award winning Chardonnay is loaded with everything you’re gonna love and plenty more: aromas of vanilla-coconut, lemon drop, buttery-caramel-apple … palate is even more exciting and enticing with creamy vanilla, buttery-caramel, along with apple and pear notes. Delve deeper into the glass over the course of an evening and you’ll find things like pralines, hazelnut and spice, especially on the finish. There’s a long luxurious finish with great acidity to balance the whole thing out … I’m not ready to pass the ABC card over but with a few more of these I just might.  Price: $36.00 – Rating: *****

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