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Pondview 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Bella Terra – Unfiltered

If you’ve read my review of the Pondview Cabernet Franc, unfiltered, this Cabernet Sauvignon is the exact opposite, finish-wise. This is a pure delight on the palate and nose. Aromas start with cassis, chocolate, black cherry and blackberry – and never seems to relent, offering up more enticement the longer it’s in your glass. Palate kicks thins of with silky tannins, then adds cocoa nibs, black cherry and cassis before biting down hard on the tongue with tannins that’ll hold your attentive. And that’s the difference between the finishes: the Cabernet Sauvignon has a smooth start with an aggressive finish – but that’s a good thing. Think about lying one of these down at least 10 years. Price: $34.95 – Rating: **** ½+

Cabernet Sauvignon
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