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Honsberger 2017 Rosé, Cabernet Franc

I’m of two minds about this year’s Honsberger Rosé, and none of my qualms are about what’s in the bottle. Once again it’s at the top of my best-of-Rosé list and this year it has company … there is a touch more sweetness than usual but the higher acidity helps to balance it off, the complexity of aromas and flavours are also a real winning combination: melon, raspberry, lime, floral and on the palate they follow adding in notes of watermelon rind, limeade, strawberry pith and a pop of raspberry – It’s one of those “wow”-rosés, you need to experience to believe … but then there’s the higher price (again) this year that gnaws at my craw (having produced more cases than ever, up to 229 from 141 the year before) and the wax top and cork closer make it more difficult then just being able to crack the cap and go; which this wine so deserves – could this not have been solved by a white screw cap if aesthetics was the reason? Still it is the best Honsberger Rosé to date, and that’s saying something. So while the aesthetics and price don’t make me happy the wine inside does – and I guess that’s what Rosé is all about. And besides my wife says I’m just being nit-picky.
Price: $24.00 – Rating: ****+

Cabernet Franc
Niagara Escarpment
at the winery

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