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Bachelder 2017 Pinot Noir, Old Vines – Lowrey Vineyard

This St. David’s Bench fruit is highly-coveted by winemakers and lovers of Pinot Noir. Planted in 1984 these are some of the oldest Pinot vines in the province – they are babied by Wes Lowrey and his family and they are cherished and coveted by winemakers, of which only a few get their hands on the fruit. This wine from those vines has a floral femininity to it with white cranberry, delicate spice, light sweet cherry fruit and great cherry blossom aromas, plus that tell-tale Pinot aroma of cranberry … it’s just such a pretty wine you’re not sure whether to drink it or sniff it – good thing you can do both and both work out in your favour.  Price: $47.95 – Rating: **** ½

Pinot Noir
Niagara Peninsula

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