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Morandin Wines 2020 Chardonnay, County

Their 2019 was “not my Chardonnay", so when asked to taste the 2020 I was a little hesitant; but not for long. Now with winemaker Jonas Newman (of Hinterland fame) at the helm the Chardonnay has taken a drastic turn for the better. This is a really pretty Chardonnay with good spice notes on the finish and a rich mouthfeel on the mid-palate. Vanilla, apple, caramel and so much more; plus there are other fruits in here that take the form of those yellowish in nature. The oak, of which 33% is new, barely registers, as the leftover 67% goes into neutral oak and that seems to have won the day. This comes out late summer 2022, so be ready to pick some up.  Price $45.00 – Rating: **** ½

Prince Edward County
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