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Bachelder 2019 Pinot Noir - Henck

What the Henck is this? Tried Henck vineyard Pinot Noir last year and it was so popular it sold out quick; so quick, I don't think the ink was dry on my review, or even on the label. So it never saw the light of day. This time, I don't care, sold out or not, this one gets written and published. This one tops my list (again) of Bacheder Pinot of the vintage. Nice concentration of flavor and aroma ... Smoky notes meet violet, pepper, dark cherry, raspberry and cranberry. The finish doesn't disappoint either. A real beauty. And while this is long sold out, I’m putting you on notice for the next time it comes out.  SOLD OUT - Rating: ****+

Pinot Noir
Niagara Escarpment
Now Sold Out

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