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Taste it Again: Pondview 2011 Chardonnay Bella Terra

02 Aug 2016


(December 16, 2015) ... So, some weeks ago I opened a bottle of the 2009 edition of this wine, and I can safely say it was absolute crap (both bottles) - you can read the review here.  Which then sparked my interest in later years of the wine, and during a podcast taping I decided to open a 2011 Pondview Bella Terra Chardonnay to see how it was aging:

Only 4 years old and already showing overly-mature Chardonnay characteristics with plenty of barrel notes: toffee, caramel apple, decent acidity, sweet vanilla-oak - it's drinking well now but for how long?  The rest of these are going in the fridge for ready to drink now accessibility.

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