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Taste it Again: Another Go Around with Larry - part 9

28 Dec 2018

(August 20, 2017) ... Larry and I make this at least an annual, if not bi-annual, event, opening a case of old Ontario wines; we started the tradition on what Larry calls "the best day of football", and while we don't always do it on that day, we do find time to get together and taste some gems and some real shit - here's how this round went ... from my calculation this is the 9th time we have done this:

Top Three with Larry 2017Flat Rock 2009 Pinot Noir ... Really stinky and it just didn't go anywhere, we really wanted this wine to come around, because Larry is a Pinot fan, but alas it did not.  see original review here

Jackson-Triggs 2002 Merlot, Proprietors' Grand Reserve ... soft and slightly oxidized, the nose is quite pruney, but the palate had a smoothness that showed off some cassis, but were found ourselves very blase about it and it did not get better with time - this would be the 6th bottle you pour at a party and no one would be none the wiser.  no original review

Sanson Estate 2005 Bird Dog Red ... tobacco, cassis, black raspberry (all dried fruit) and that follows onto the palate with a rich smoky dried raspberry note to the finish. A big positive surprise at this tasting.  see original review here

Colaneri 2009 Cabernet "Corposo" ... plum, chocolate and oxidized cherry aromas, very pretty, on the palate it's smoked plum, cassis, smoked-cherry and as it sits it opens up nicely ... but then 30 minutes later it starts heading down hill.  Have a bottle? Open it and drink quickly - I was a fan but now, not so much.  see original review here

Henry of Pelham 2007 Cabernet Merlot Reserve ... leathery, smoky, cedary and raspberry shows through with nice balance; there's also black cherry and it barely shows its age with a cassis cocoa finish.  One of the best bottles of the day.  see original review here

Vineland 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon ... silky mocha-chocolate with anise and black cherry; still fresh and lively, quite impressive for its age.  no original review

Organized Crime 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon ... starts off weedy on the nose, while the palate is a little better, but still not great and it goes nowhere - even worse it has a terrible finish and leaves a bad taste in the mouth; from a high (Vineland Cab) to a low, this is one of the worst wines of the day.  see original review here

Magnotta 2002 Toro Nero, Limited Edition (non-VQA) ... tired but definitely not the worst wine of the day; it really is boring; "it's wine" is the best that can be said about it.  no original review

Pelee Island 2005 Shiraz ... after 12 years it's boring, but nothing is ultimately wrong with it, it does not draw you in, make you take notice or is in any way memorable ... there is a little white pepper on the finish, it's the 5th bottle you pour at the same party as the above mentioned Jackson-Triggs.  see original review here

Larry Riesling 2017Cave Spring 2009 Dolomite Riesling ... the nose grabs you with petrol but the palate shows a peach and apple sweetness and seems to be less acidic than one would expect from the vintage, which is known for its high acidity. We give this one a passing grade, but only slightly.  see original review here

Cattail Creek 2009 Riesling Estate ... bruised apple notes on the nose, while the palate shows a bitter note of peach and melon rind on the finish, there is some beautiful balance and appeal and it finishes very well ... this wine is very drinkable but it does show its age.  see original review here

Hillebrand 2009 Riesling, Ghost Creek Vineyard ... bracing acidity with fresh and sour apple tones, some mineral and a weird but refreshing sweet and sour note - it's an interesting wine from an interesting vintage.  see original review here

Score: 6 out of 12 (50%)


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