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Taste it Again : Thirty Bench 2010 Small Lot Merlot

02 Jan 2019

Thirty Bench 2010 Small Lot Merlot


(November 25, 2017) ... Back in 2010 Merlot was riding high in Ontario, and '10 was a gorgeous vintage for reds. This Thirty Bench wine started off very slowly with simple aromas of oak and cassis ... But the palate shows so much more, and it layered it all in slowly but surely: a pleasant dark fruit start, then 30 mins later it seems to be very oak oriented, another 20 minutes pass and a fruit explosion occurs plus vanilla shows up too; then the juiciness start to emerge and this wine just takes off. On the finish a spicy / peppery nuance begins to creep in all the while adding in elements of coffee bean and under-brush. What a beauty this is.

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