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Taste if Again : A box of wine with Larry - part 11

07 May 2019

(February 3, 2019) ... Three months after our last box of wine Larry and I got together again to look and taste another 16 bottles of older Ontario wine ... and here were our findings:

Burning Kiln 2010 Cureman's Chardonnay ... this 13.9% alcohol Chardonnay left us both on the fence, the nose was inviting, but it had a bitter finish and a harsh middle that finally pushed us over onto the negative side.  (see original review)

Cave Spring 2010 Dolomite Chardonnay ... considering what it was up against this Cave Spring Chardonnay was brilliant; but in all honesty it was drinkable and pleasant with some spiced peach and nice minerality - so it was a pass from both of us, though if you have any in your cellar now is the time to drink it up.  (see original review) Larry 11 whites

Burning Kiln 2010 Riesling ... once again the Burning Kiln wine disappoints, this Riesling was too sweet and had no acidity to back it up.  (see original review)

Vineland 2009 Dry Riesling ... once again the preceding wine proves to be a boon for the one that follows: bracing acidity, good minerality, hint of sweetness and no petrol, this wine still has years ahead of it.  (see original review)

Featherstone 2011 Black Sheep Riesling ... I was very excited to see this one come up, but it soon let us down: riddled with petrol, it had apple juice aromas and flavours but there seemed to be no acidity backing it up, if you like sweet this one is for you, otherwise it is a real flat-liner.  (see original review)

Rosewood 2011 Mima's Block Riesling ... the first wine that when following something unimpressive did not turn around and impress, sadly this was a bland and boring Riesling at its finest; it wasn't bad it was just non-eventful and instantly forgettable.  (see original review)

Cattail Creek 2011 Gamay Noir, Estate Series ... this one was under screwcap so you'd think they keep forever, well that's a real misnomer and was not the case with this Gamay: pruney and off-putting there was nothing exciting in the glass, it didn't even seem like Gamay; as a fan of the grape I was supremely disappointed.  (see original review)

Chateau des Charmes 2010 St. David's Merlot ... I have often said that Ontario Merlot needs time, especially one from a hot vintage, but this one might just be to far gone and over the hill: from the get go it was oak driven and lacked fruit, there was plenty of cedar to compensate. As it sat open some fruit notes did begin to emerge cassis, dried blackberry, along with some floral notes and lots of smoke; but this one seems to be a victim of time as that oak just never drops out, and that's something I found very disappointing considering the year.  (see original review)

Peninsula Ridge 2010 AJ Lepp Vineyards Reserve Merlot ... same year as the Chateau above but this one has fared much better: black cherry and wood smoke, vanilla and pepper, very drinkable, and the acidity seems to back it up - yes this wine has peaked and it might even have crested the hill, but it's still smooth with a red fruit bathed in vanilla finish and it tastes just this side of lovely.  (see original review)

Ravine 2010 Reserve Cabernet Franc, Picone Vineyard ... this one seems to date back to when we all thought green pepper must be in the Franc narrative to be good Franc; I am glad those days are mostly gone, but this one is still drinkable to those who feel that way, as green pepper and spice ruled the roost while smoky dried blackberry and black raspberry also take up residence - pretty interesting stuff. This one gets a pass but drink 'em soon.  (see original review)

Fielding 2010 Cabernet Franc ... this one is the first real standout winner of the evening:  smoky, toasty, and spicy with lots of tannins, lots of dark fruit, and the acidity keeps it all in balance: silky black fruit, cassis, blackberry, black cherry, tobacco and mocha; doesn't show any age at all.  (see original review)

Vineland 2010 Cabernet Franc ... take into account this wine was under $13 when I buy it and you'll understand the thrill I get when it comes across as textbook Cabernet Franc, even at 9 years of age, and shows little of that age: bright acidity, notes of forest floor, herbal and tobacco with notes of dried raspberry ... and it is smooth and wonderful to drink, not sure I'd want to wait much longer to pull the cork but I leave that up to you.  (see original review)

Featherstone 2010 Cabernet Franc ... our last Cabernet Franc in this tasting is from the place that makes another value priced version of the grape; this one leans a little more bell pepper but it compensates with some dried cherry, and hints of cedar, and while all that is going on with each passing sip it would seem the tobacco dominates; give it a half hour or so and raspberry comes to the rescue; definitely nothing harsh here, this one is a smooth easy drinking Franc at this point.  (see orignal review)

Alvento 2007 Emilie ... this is a Cabernet Franc / Merlot blend that has gone all leathery and smoky with a mega-dose of barnyard that just never mellows. I'm out.  (see original review)

Vineland 2010 Cabernet Merlot ... we're coming to the end and we have a tie game as far as drinkable vs trash, Vineland breaks the tie with this easy drinking red blend that has some balanced acidity, earthy nuances and dried fruits like cherry and cassis; it's pleasant and drinkable - another in the line of drink now or don't wait too much longer.  (see original review)

Trius 2010 Red ... turns out we saved the best for last as this Trius just rocked the joint: nose is alluring and playful while the palate pulls off the trifecta of full fruited with dark cherry leading the way, mid-palate adds in the tobacco and mocha for texture and the finish is long and demands you go back for more ... it's a pure winner-winner-chicken-dinner (or whatever else you want to have with it).  (see original review)

First time we have had a winning record in a long time as we went 9 of 16.



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