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Taste it Again : Inniskillin 2010 Pinot Noir, Montague Vineyard

02 Jul 2019


(May 3, 2019) ... I remember this wine from when I first tasted it, I remember it being a lovely Pinot and one of the first single vineyard Pinots that struck a nerve with me and made me stand up and take notice of the Montague vineyard ...  Inniskillin 2010 Pinot Noirnow here we are 9 years from vintage wondering if an Ontario Pinot can stand the test of time.

Kicking things off is the leather, black cherry, black raspberry and spiced plum, which I don't readily associate with Pinot Noir, but then I remember that 2010 is a hot vintage and there were many un-Pinot-esque flavours and aromas that year. There's plenty of dark fruit on the palate, most notably plum along with the trappings of white pepper with a coffee bean finish.  As the wine opens with time in the glass mocha and spiced plum dominate while there is also some really playful acidity ... But it never manages to fall into the realm of Pinot character for me.

Bottom line: it is a tasty wine, but don't expect to recognize it as Pinot if it is poured for you blind.

(see original review here)


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