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Taste it Again : Flat Rock 2009 Pinot Noir

18 Sep 2020

Flat Rock 2009 Pinot Noir


(June 7, 2020) ... This was a four-star wine that was reviewed at a time when I was podcasting a review a week (these days I video those reviews) - sadly my words are lost into the ether of the internet, as I did not keep up with my LibSyn subscription and they have been removed and purged; but the score is there if you care to go look.

As for the wine now, poured into the glass the wine had a swampy look (and that was not just me saying that, I had witnesses), but the wine itself (nose and palate-wise) was in pretty good condition showing little to no age: earthy, beet root and cranberry aromas, while the palate continued where the nose left off, earthy, sour cherry, gentle spice and a shake of white pepper. This wine is surprisingly in really good condition and I will contribute that to not only the vintage (which was a good Pinot vintage) but also the screwcap closure. 

Rating: Thumbs Up - drink now or even hold a few more years.



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