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On occasion, I’ll take a wine I like and put it away in a “special box” for a few years to see how it will age … below you will read happened to those wines. On the other hand, there are wines that get “lost” in my wine cellar with nary a review ever written - some have turned into golden Treasures, others supreme Trash and then there are those that fall somewhere in-between (Tolerable). We’ll look at those here too. (New wines are being added all the time so keep coming back):

ACWC Night 2 (Ontario / Argentina)

05 May 2017

Stoney Ridge Gewurztraminer(June 8, 2016) ... Night 2 of the All Canadian Wine Championships and I pull out a couple of old Ontario Gewurztraminer, one from 2007 the other from 2008.

Starting with the Stoney Ridge 2008 Reserve Gewurztraminer and what a wonderful surprise this turns out to be: peachy, lychee, slightly oily but still fresh; there's also some delicious apple, subtle floral and hints of rose water. So great with the froie gras app. So far it's the best wine I've brought to the All Canadians this year ...

The second Gewurztraminer is the Ravine Vineyard 2007 Gewurztraminer and it's a mess:  thin and weedy, oxidative and really off putting; it's a tired wine that has no redeeming characteristics.

Last wine is from Argentina and is the property of Paul Hobbs of California, Vina Cobos 2007 Felino Cabernet Sauvignon, silky smooth with a little pepper to the finish: blackberry, cassis, chocolate, mocha, blueberry skin - love these Cobos wines, especially with enough age.


Original review of the Ravine 2007 Gewurztraminer can be found here.


Lost & Found: Tale of 2 Lailey Chardonnays

08 Mar 2017

Lailey Brickyard(December 28, 2016) ... It is with a degree of sadness that I report on the demise of this Lailey 2010 Brickyard Chardonnay - no it is not completely dead yet, but it is lying in wait at a hospice care facility: oxidizing, a little burnt / rancid butter, bitter, lacks fruit, flat-lining and unappealing ... the hot vintage might have had something to do with the longevity of this wine not being what one would expect from Lailey.

Lailey Curiosi-ThreeSo I dug out another Lailey Chardonnay, this time the 2013 Curiosi-Three The Blend; I was told it might not be a wine for the long term and I believe that advice was spot on; while this one was much more fruit forward and drinkable than the 2010 above, it is still showing signs of tiring:  almond, peach pit, there is a pseudo oxidized note to this wine that drifts in and out with every sip, but there is also some nice flavours of apple seed and butterscotch candy towards the finish ... Don't wait too long on this one, it's getting old so you'll want to enjoy it before it too joins the 2010 Brickyard at the hospice.


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