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On occasion, I’ll take a wine I like and put it away in a “special box” for a few years to see how it will age … below you will read happened to those wines. On the other hand, there are wines that get “lost” in my wine cellar with nary a review ever written - some have turned into golden Treasures, others supreme Trash and then there are those that fall somewhere in-between (Tolerable). We’ll look at those here too. (New wines are being added all the time so keep coming back):

Taste it Again : Merlot and Mainly Dessert

10 Aug 2021


Inniskillin Merlot(January 9, 2021) ... I was showcasing some Merlot this evening, one from Napa and then there was this one from Ontario: Inniskillin 2012 Merlot Reserve ... it was one year older than the Californian and showed more of its age, but it was still a pretty impressive wine: mocha and black fruit lead the charge, but also prune-y and dried cherry / black raspberry materialized as well. There's also an interesting stone character (like cherry pit) that shows itself. As it opened the acidity shone through, as well as spices, gentle oak and even some spiced-vanilla ... it was also chewier than one would expect.

Then there was dessert ... two wines pulled from the cellar, both select late harvest style wines: one red, one white, both from the same year.

Dessert WinesCattail Creek 2006 Select Late Harvest Vidal ... starting off with the first sip, and the acidity is there prominently, the nose is almond pralines and apricot; but that palate is all about the short finish, its almost imperceptible for having any finish at all. But then within 15 minutes it's a wine with little to no discernable taste at all ... it's not offensive, it's just not exciting - and whatever flavour it has its more in-line with dried apricot - that's it that's all.

Pillitteri 2006 Select Late Harvest Cabernet ... these guys are known for icewine so the late harvest is just a natural extension of that business - on the nose this wine shows quite a bit raisinate notes, giving a pseudo-Port-like character, plus there does seem to be some tannin here as well. Grape-y, macerated strawberries and burnt cherry with a long finish that's sugary and date-like. This was one interesting wine, it was mouth-coating and tasty, in a strange "why do I like this" sort of way.


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Inniskillin 2012 Merlot Reserve / Cattail Creek 2006 Select Late Harvest Vidal


Lost & Found : Twenty-Twenty Seven 2009 Pinot Noir, Queenston Road Vineyard

15 Jul 2021

2027 Pinot 2009


(December 26, 2020) ... This has got to be some of the first wine under the 2027 label, not the first winemaker Kevin Panagapka has made, but under his own brand I believe this might be. Upon first crack-of-the-cap the wine seemed a little thin; but it does start to open ... slowly. First fruits to spear were some spiced-cranberries and red currants ... I decided at this point to put a little chill on the wine to liven it up ... Now it really popped. Vibrant red fruit, touch of sour cherry, spiced-cranberry, the acidity is totally on-point (pretty much what you'd expect from a year like 2009) and it helps to freshen the whole experience up ... there's also just a touch of tannins. This was a really good bottle of wine and it keeps getting better the more it opened and the more I sip. Is this at its peak? Not sure, but I wouldn't want it any other way so I'd crack it now and start enjoying.

Bottom Line: This one if a total gem.


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